Companies start of small and with hard work grow in such a way that they are soon able to employ staff. Managing staff is also one of the challenges that business owners are faced with. Keeping record of time sheet, leave taken and salaries can take up a tremendous amount of time. We believe that business owners should not be burdened by these tasks, so we offer you the solution.

Ash Accounting are the best at corporate accounting service and we guarantee that your organization will receive professional bookkeeping and accounting services in all areas of our service provision. Your company’s accounting needs are guaranteed to stay satisfied to your highest care.

  • Payroll services for up to 5000 staff including:
  • All deductions are loaded to your chosen bank account and payment release from you
  • Client setup, data capturing and company setup
  • IRP5 for All employees
  • IRP5 submissions to SARS and issue to staff
  • Issuing of IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates at tax year end
  • Leave administration – sick leave, annual leave, family responsibility leave etc.
  • Letter of Income
  • PAYE Employer Reconciliations: EMP501 Returns (bi-annually)
  • PAYE Return Calculation and Submission: EMP201 Returns (monthly)
  • Payslips for All Employees (Electronic and Hard Copy)
  • Personal annual income tax return for all employees
  • Recording of employees leave
  • Recording of loan accounts
  • Recording of overtime
  • SDL Return Calculation and Submission
  • Salary Structuring
  • UIF Return Calculation and Submission