About Us

Ash Accounting CC is a well-established South African company of accountants; tax advisors and bookkeeper based in Pretoria. The company was established in 1995 by  Mr AA Aboo and also with a wealth of experience gained over the past 25 years working in an accounting environment.

Ash Accounting CC was established with the aim of providing excellent cost effective accounting and tax services to our clients across the country and especially the community in which we come from. We are here to improve the financial outlook and performance of most businesses within our communities and also providing the much needed financial services to clients across the country

We offer tailor-made services to our clients in:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Consulting and Advisory

We offer professional accounting services around true single point of contact, with a team of experienced and diverse professionals. Our distinguishing feature is that we are service driven and strive at all times to be a one-stop shop for our clients’ accounting, tax and business advisory requirements. We continuously position ourselves in the community as being both flexible and adaptive to the varying cultures and needs of our clients. We also aim towards contributing to the employment and development of young previously disadvantaged professionals.

Corporate Taxation

Taxation affects all businesses. Developing effective tax strategies that encompass the whole entity is essential, with the impact of an approach of a particular transaction/s considered in relation to its effect on the overall tax position of the entity and objectives of management. It is also a fact of life that the tax legislation is becoming ever more complex.

For example, we advise on:

• Compliance requirements
• Withholding taxes
• Customs duties
• Dividend, royalty or interest planning
• Employment taxes and employee benefits

Personal Taxation

The company has specialist knowledge and experience to assist clients deal with all the different aspects of taxation and, where required, negotiate with SARS on their behalf. The company aims to minimise taxation therefore maximizing wealth, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

We also advise on taxation of individuals for example:
• Sole traders ( Income Tax and VAT )
• Commission Income ( Claiming of expenses including home office expenses )
• Independent contractors
• Salary earners ( Travel log books; Medical aid; Pensions Lumps

As a growing accounting and audit firm, Ash Accounting & Management Services is uniquely positioned to impart quality, cost-effective and practical advice to clients that include national corporations, private businesses, nonprofits, emerging or start-up firms, and successful individuals.

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